Utility News: It is very easy to apply online for KYC through Aadhaar Card, just follow these steps

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It is very important to do KYC in banks. There are several methods of KYC verification. You can also do online KYC from home. Know its process below.

KYC Online: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made KYC mandatory for all banks and financial institutions. Financial institutions and other organizations are required to verify the addresses and identities of their customers who carry out any kind of financial transactions. In simple language, KYC i.e. Know Your Customer means to know your customers.

One has to submit their KYC before investing in mutual funds, fixed deposits and bank accounts, etc. After submitting the KYC initially, they will never be asked for the same again. In the year 2004, it was made mandatory for all banks to do KYC of customers by December 2005. With this, the address and identity of any investor can be verified. People do not need to know anywhere for KYC. If you use Paytm, then only you have to go through the process of KYC. How to apply for KYC online from home is explained below.

How to Do KYC Online?

  • You will need your Aadhaar Card number to apply for KYC.
  • Apart from this, the mobile number linked with the Aadhar card should also be active because OTP comes on it.
  • For example, if you want to do KYC for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana (PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana) then you have to go to pmkisan.gov.in.
  • After this click on the option of e-KYC given on the right side.
  • Then enter your Aadhaar Card number. Now OTP will come on your number.
  • You can apply for KYC by entering OTP.