Utility: Bill will come down even if AC is running for 24 hours, just follow these 6 easy tips!


It is strange weather like sunshine and rain. Despite the rain, the heat is increasing. So now it seems that AC is needed in the house. Some are in the process of getting AC installed and some have taken it. Now it is discussed that from April 1 the electricity bill will also increase. If you use AC, then the electricity bill will be more.


Now even if you keep the AC on for 24 hours, your bill will come down. For this, we are going to tell some tricks and tips. If you follow them without fail, you will get more benefits.

If you set the AC to the correct default temperature, it saves 6% electricity. The more you lower the temperature of the AC, the higher your bill. So pay attention to keeping the default temperature.

Keep your AC at 24 degree Celsius instead of 18 degrees. The day temperature remains between 34 to 38 degrees. Also, our body temperature is 36 to 37 degrees. The temperature below this is always cold for our bodies. So if AC is kept around 23-24 then proper cooling is done and the bill does not increase.

Avoid using other electrical appliances while the AC is on. Apart from this, the most important thing is that the room in which the AC is running should be properly closed. Sun rays increase the load on AC. Apart from this, if other electrical appliances are used while the AC is on, then the heat in the house increases. That's why it takes more time to cool down the room.


If you want to keep the room cool for a long time, especially at night, then set the temperature of the AC and keep it on. After some time turn off the AC for 2 hours. Turn it on again and turn it off for 2 hours. By doing this, the consumption of electricity is more and the bill also comes less.

Use a fan along with AC. Keep the AC temperature at 24 and keep the fan on to keep the room cool. You can switch off the AC after a while. Second, before turning on the AC, keep the fan on for some time to blow out the hot air in the room, and then turn on the AC so that the room cools down immediately.

Since AC is running continuously, it is necessary to get it serviced. AC has to work harder to cool the air in the room. It also damages its filter. Removing, cleaning, and replacing these can make a difference of 5 to 15 percent in your electric bill if done at the right time.