Useful Tips: Know the benefits of Ac water uses!


AC Water Uses:  Often people get the water coming out of AC connected directly to the drain so that it goes straight out of the house. However, if you do not consider this water as bad and throw it away, it can be used for many important purposes. This water can be used for many everyday tasks. By doing this you can save hundreds of liters of water every month. If you also did not know the use of water coming out of air conditioner till now, then today we are going to tell you about it in detail. 


1. Watering the plants:

AC water is very beneficial for plants. It contains minerals and nutrients which enhance plant growth. You can use the water coming out of the air conditioner to irrigate the plants in your house. 

2. Washing the Car:

You can also wash your car with AC water. The minerals present in it help in removing stains and make the car shiny. AC water works better than soap water because it does not contain chemicals.

3. Floor Cleaning:

AC water can also be used for cleaning the floor. It can be used on all types of floors like marble, granite, and tiles. AC water helps in removing dust and dirt from the floor and makes it shine.

4. Cleaning the Toilet:

AC water is also a great option for cleaning the toilet. It helps in removing stains and disinfecting the toilet. AC water works better than chemical toilet cleaners because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

5. Washing Utensils:


AC water can also be used to wash utensils. It helps in removing grease and dirt from utensils. AC water works better than hot water because it helps in dissolving the soap suds quickly.

Pay attention:

AC water should not be used for drinking or eating.

AC water should not be used to clean electronic equipment.

AC water should not be used to wash clothes, as it can make the clothes hard.

Apart from these 5 uses, AC water can be used for many other purposes. With a little creativity, you can use AC water to make household chores easier and more economical.