Useful Thing: Find out from your phone whether your e-mail ID has been leaked or not...

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Data leaking is not a big deal today. Every day the data of many social media sites is being breached. Later this data is sold on the dark web and then this data is used for wrong purposes. Your own data is used to trap you.


If you have a smartphone then you will definitely have an e-mail ID. Leaking of e-mail ID is very common, however, in just a few seconds you can find out whether your e-mail ID has been leaked in any data leak or not and if so, from which site. Let us know...

Your e-mail ID is included in which data leak?
If you have doubts or just want to check whether your email ID is involved in a data leak, visit Now a page will open in front of you on which have I been pwned? Must have written.

Now enter your Gmail ID in the search bar below it and press the pwned button. In a few seconds, it will appear on your desktop screen whether your e-mail ID has been leaked or not. If your ID is leaked then the entire screen will turn red. Otherwise, it will appear in front of you that "Good news – no pwnage found!"

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