Uric Acid Worst Food: This one thing will fill uric acid in the blood, medicine will also fail and joint pain and swelling will increase


If you think that eating more purine-rich food, high protein and junk food increases uric acid in your body (High Uric Acid), then tell that your kitchen There is one more thing present in it which is considered as Worst Food in Uric Acid. Very few people know that sugar acts as a poison not only in diabetes but also in uric acid.


Regular consumption of sugar has many effects, it is responsible for diabetes, obesity as well as uric acid. Excess sugar affects the liver and this is the reason why uric acid levels start rising and can lead to metabolic dysfunction. That's why sugar should be eaten in very limited quantities.

There is a lot of carbohydrate in sugar, which directly increases the amount of purine in the blood, due to which the process of digesting purine gets worse. This also increases swelling and pain in the joints.

Symptoms of uric acid
leg stiffness while sleeping
swollen ankles
pain in legs and joints
Pain in ankles while sitting and getting up
By eating these seasonal vegetables in summer, High Uric Acid will be discharged, and joint pain and swelling will end.


What other things not to eat if uric acid is high
Avoid eating things like eggs, paneer, lentils, cowpea, kidney beans, red meat, organ meat, minced meat and seafood. Uric acid increases rapidly by eating this type of food. That's why don't eat it at all.