UPI Update: If you are going on a foreign trip, activate your UPI like this, see step by step guide here..


When we go somewhere abroad, our biggest problem comes with payment. But this problem has been solved by a Unified Payment Interface i.e. UPI. Now its services are available in many countries apart from India.


Here we will tell you how you can activate your UPI for payments abroad. Here you are being told the step-by-step process for this. Let us know about it.

How to activate UPI payment
     If you want to activate UPI International on PhonePay, then you will have to follow the steps given by us.

     First of all, open the UPI app and click on your profile photo.

     Now go to the payment settings section and select UPI International.

     Click on the Activate button next to the bank account you want to use for international UPI payments.

     After this enter your UPI PIN.

How to activate Google Pay
     First of all open the Google Pay app and tap on Scan QR Code.
     Now scan the QR code of any international merchant.
     After this enter the amount as per your choice.
     Now select the bank account you want to make the payment to.
     Then a screen appears to activate 'UPI International'.
     Here tap on Activate UPI International.

The facility will be available in these countries
     The list of countries where you want to use UPI includes Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bhutan, Oman, Nepal, France, and UAE.

     NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL), the international arm of the National Payments Corporation of India, has enabled QR-based UPI payments in 10 Southeast Asia countries by signing an agreement with other countries.

     These include Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. India is also working to bring UPI service support to the United Kingdom, Australia, European countries, and the US.


     This means that you can choose not to convert Indian Rupees into local currency in any of these countries and use your phone's app to make payments through UPI.

     Let us tell you that for international payment, you can use only those banks that support UPI International.

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