UPI Pin Update: You can register UPI even without a Debit Card, know how?


We all know that to register UPI, a Debit Card is required, but what if you do not have a Debit Card, then do not worry, you can do this work even without an ATM card. Let us know how...

How to register UPI with an Aadhar card?
For this, first, go to the UPI app and select the option to set a new UPI PIN.
From here you have to select the Aadhaar-based verification option.
After this, click on Next to accept.
Now you have to enter the last 6 digits of your Aadhar card.
After this enter the OTP received on the registered phone number.
Finally, click on Accept again.
By doing just this, you will get the option to set a new UPI PIN.


22 banks support
According to the website, a total of 22 banks currently support authentication through Aadhaar. Google says that soon this facility can be seen with other banks also. To complete the process, users need to ensure that their bank account and Aadhaar number are linked.

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