UPI Payment: If money goes to the wrong account through online payment then you will get it back like this..


With the increasing craze of digital payment, many times mistakes also happen. Many times, due to a mistake in entering the number, money goes to the wrong account, or in a hurry, we scan the wrong code and by mistake, the money goes to someone else's account.


While making online payments through UPI, if your payment accidentally goes to some other account, then you have a chance to get it back, but due to lack of information, we miss doing so. Let us tell you today about the process with the help of which you can get back your money transferred to the wrong account.

What to do if money goes to the wrong account?
While sending money through UPI, do not panic if by mistake the money goes to the wrong account. You can easily get a refund of that money by following some steps. Often we think that if the money goes to the wrong account, there is no way to get it back, except to request the person in whose account the money went to refund your money. According to the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, if your money goes to the wrong account, then you should first complain about it on the website of the concerned bank and RBI.

When we talked to cyber expert Priya Sankhla about this, she said that by giving information about the account to which you have transferred money by mistake, inform the customer support of the UPI app or the bank. If the person receiving the funds has not withdrawn the money, the funds will be reverted back to you. If he has withdrawn the money then you should lodge your complaint with RBI and NPCI.

What to do if money goes from UPI to another account?
While making payment through UPI, if money is transferred to another account by mistake, then first lodge a complaint to get it refunded. If this mistake happens while making payment through Paytm, GooglePay, or PhonePe, then first go to the assistance section of the app and register your complaint. After completing this step, inform this information to your bank also. Register your complaint with your bank by calling the helpline number of the bank or through net banking or by visiting the branch. Keep the message of money transfer safe with you, because this message can be useful to you if needed.

Reserve Bank has made rules
If money goes to the wrong account through UPI, you will have to go to the RBI website and lodge a complaint. For this, you will have to register your complaint by visiting the RBI website bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in. You will have to give complete information in the complaint. The details of the account in which money has been transferred by mistake will have to be shared.

If the person to whose account you have transferred the money does not refund your money, then you can file a complaint against that person in NPCI. You can complain by visiting the NPCL website. To register a complaint on the NPCI website, you have to go to the website and go to Dispute Redressal Mechanism. After going there, you will have to go to Expand in the Transaction tab and fill in the complete details of the complaint.


What does the BHIM rule say?
According to the rules of BHIM, if you accidentally send money to another account then it cannot be withdrawn again. You will have to make a request to the receiver of the account to which you have sent the funds. If they transfer the money then it is fine, otherwise it cannot be recovered.
In such a situation, whenever you transfer money through the BHIM app, it is important to check all the details carefully. Transfer the money only after checking the details. If still a mistake occurs, then register your complaint through the methods given below. You can also register your complaint by going to the toll-free helpline number of the BHIM app at 18001201740.

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