UPI App: Use this feature of the UPI app to get back the money you lent.


Transferring money through the UPI app is a piece of cake. However, when it comes to taking your money back from someone, the other person does not take long to forget about it.


Reminding someone that he had taken money from you and now you need your own money, makes you feel a little hesitant.

In such a situation, how would it be if you got your money back on time without reminding anyone like this? This can be done with a special feature of the UPI app, Request Money.

Use the Request Money feature
Using the Request Money feature, you can share the details of any other UPI user and ask for your money back from him. With this feature, you get the option of Remarks, where you can give details about which money you are asking for back.

In this article, we are telling you the way to send payment requests through the BHIM app (BHIM - Making India Cashless)-

First of all, you have to open the BHIM app.

Now you have to enter your passcode.

Now you have to tap on Request Money

Now you have to provide the details of the UPI ID or number in the search box, from which you want your money back.

Now you have to tap on Verify.

Now you can send a message in the amount and remarks.

Now you have to click on Request.

Now the request sent will appear on the screen.

Here you will see the details of the amount, transaction ID, time, date, and remarks.

You can also share this receipt through WhatsApp, Quick Share, Mail, or Message.


Where will the other UPI user get the message?
The other UPI user gets this message of requesting money through notification. Apart from this, this message is available on apps like Paytm. This message sent from the Bhim app is also received by the other UPI user through text message.

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