Ultra-processed food: What has been said in the study about ultra-processed food?


In our fast-paced lives, our eating and drinking habits often deteriorate. Packaged food and fast food have become an important part of our diet.


It is often said that junk food is harmful to health, but now a new study has further strengthened this point. This large study conducted in America has found that consuming ultra-processed foods can reduce the lifespan of people and increase the risk of early death.

This study has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). In this, researchers studied the diet and health data of about 44 thousand adults for 34 years. During the study, detailed information was taken from the participants about the food they ate. Researchers found that people who ate large amounts of ultra-processed foods had a higher risk of early death.

What has been said in the study about ultra-processed food?

It has been said in the study that ultra-processed foods are those that have been changed to a great extent from their natural state. These foods usually contain high amounts of sugar, salt, fat, and artificial elements. For example, packaged snacks, canned food, noodles, instant soup, cold drinks, etc. come under the category of ultra-processed food.

Limitations of the Study

Researchers say that this was an observational study, so it does not prove that ultra-processed food directly causes early death. However, the results of the study strongly indicate that reducing the intake of these foods can be beneficial for health.

Expert advice

Nutritionist Dr. Swati Sharma says that this study reiterates that we should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fresh food in our diet. Minimize the consumption of junk food and adopt a balanced diet to remain healthy.