Tulsi Water Benefits: From reducing weight to relieving stress, drinking Tulsi water has all these benefits!



Most of us have a Tulsi plant at home. It is considered very auspicious to plant it in the house. Tulsi leaves have many medicinal properties. Daily consumption of basil leaves can cure many diseases. Many people wake up in the morning and drink hot water, which is considered beneficial for health. If you drink that water by putting some basil leaves in it, then it can be very beneficial for your health. Let's know the benefits of drinking Tulsi water

Less Stress

Basil leaves contain antioxidant compounds like flavonoids, polyphenols, which reduce stress. Along with this, some elements found in it can provide relief from the problem of depression.

Helps in weight loss

By boiling basil leaves in water and drinking that water, weight is controlled. The metabolism rate increases due to its consumption, due to which food is digested quickly and weight does not increase.

Immunity booster

Toxins are removed from the body by drinking water from basil leaves. It strengthens the immune system and prevents many diseases.


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Strengthens the digestive system

Drinking basil leaf water strengthens the digestive system, which does not cause stomach problems. Its regular intake also gives relief from the problem of constipation and diarrhea.

Keeps blood sugar level under control

The blood sugar level is controlled by drinking water of basil leaves. Drinking this water is very beneficial for diabetic patients.


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Relief from cold and cough

Tulsi has many medicinal properties. Drinking the water from those leaves removes phlegm accumulated in the chest. It also gives relief from colds and coughs.

How to consume

To consume basil water, first, pour a glass of water into a vessel and let it boil. Then put some basil leaves in it and boil the water till it reduces to half. Then turn off the gas and drink the water when it is hot.