Kid's Health: Try these tips to strengthen children's immunity before winter...


The weather is changing rapidly. Winter is about to knock. It is very important to take special care of children. Cold winds blowing in the morning can cause cold in children. Children ages 2 to 10 are especially prone to colds. When children catch a cold, the problem of phlegm and phlegm troubles them the most, and due to this, children also get a fever. To protect children from cold, the immune system should be strong. At this time, it is very important to take care of children's food and hygiene, so that they can be protected from infection and cold.


Take care of cleanliness
It is very important to take care of children's cleanliness in winter. Make children a habit of washing hands. Make children have the habit of washing hands before and after eating. Also take care of the cleanliness of children's clothes in winter. Bathe babies every 1-2 days and wash their hair once a week.

Eat fruits and vegetables
The immune system becomes weak due to cold, due to which children fall more ill. Let children eat sour fruits and vegetables to boost immunity in winter. Be sure to include dry fruits in the diet of children. Eating almonds and walnuts strengthens the immune system.

Increase fluid intake
Dehydration occurs in winter because people drink less water. This problem is also seen in children, so pay attention to the fluid intake of children and give them soup, juice and warm water. Drink warm water first thing in the morning, it keeps the stomach good.

Cover legs, ears and stomach
As soon as winter arrives, start dressing children in warm clothes. Especially keep the feet, heads and stomachs of children well covered. Children first feel cold on the chest, head and feet.


Ayurvedic remedy
Some home remedies can also be adopted to protect the child from cold and coughs. During winter, feed turmeric milk to the child once a day. Feed Chavanprash and use jaggery instead of sugar in milk. Also include garlic and ginger in children's food in winter. These things keep the body warm and strengthen the immune system.
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