Try these easy ways to reduce Love Handles!


Tips to Lose Love Handles

Healthy Diet

Let me tell you, you should make a diet plan, because eating the right things is important in losing love handles. You should reduce the intake of sugar in the body and avoid eating sweets. Sugar increases your body fat, especially in the area around your belly, and causes bloating. You should also avoid trans and saturated fats as they are high in sodium and calories, which will prevent you from losing belly fat.

abstain from alcohol

You should avoid the consumption of alcohol as it leads to weight gain. This increases the calories in your body and leads to the accumulation of fat on your love handles.

limit caffeine intake

For your information, let us tell you that many people are addicted to coffee, and some cannot function without drinking their morning cup. However, to avoid love handles, you need to limit your intake of caffeine.

eat frequently

Some may need to eat more frequently to keep their metabolism up, meaning they need to eat five to six smaller meals a day instead of three large meals. Helps in increasing metabolism in your body.

stay hydrated

You must drink enough water to detoxify your body and reduce your calorie intake. This will promote weight loss and help fight fat.

side plank

Side plank is another exercise that can help you lose love handles. Place your elbows, feet, and hips on the floor in a side plank position. While contracting your abs and keeping your body straight, lift your lower body off the ground into a straight plank position.

bicycle crunches

Not to mention, bicycle crunches are a quick way to lose love handles, which should be included in your daily workout routine. To do bicycle crunches, lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your hands on your head. Lift your right knee, bringing it toward your chest, and drive your left elbow toward it. Do the same with your left knee and repeat about 30 times with both knees.


You should choose foods with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and avoid fried foods to prevent excess fat from developing in your body. You can avoid wearing tight clothing to reduce the appearance of love handles.