Truecaller Update: Truecaller brings a powerful feature, that will identify AI-generated voice calls in a few seconds..


Truecaller has introduced the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Call Scanner feature. This feature of Truecaller will give real-time warnings to users on AI calls coming to their phones. Releasing this feature, the company said that they have designed their AI model in such a way that it will be able to differentiate between AI-generated voice and human voice. However, the company has not shared much information about it at the moment.


How will this feature work
To identify whether the call coming to the phone is AI generated, after receiving the call, the user has to merge the call with the phone line of Truecaller by clicking on the dedicated button for Truecaller. It will record the voice sample of the caller and tell whether the call is AI-generated or not.

The company claims that its system is capable of identifying AI callers in a few seconds. However, the company has not told how much percent of accurate information its system gives.

This feature has been first launched in the US market. Truecaller will gradually launch this feature in the global market for all its premium subscription users.


Why is this feature important?
Spam calls and messages are becoming a big problem all over the world, including India. In recent times, many cases related to AI-enabled calls (deepfake) have come to light. Scammers steal voice samples of users from social media and other platforms. With this, they call their family members and commit fraud.

This feature of Truecaller can prove to be very helpful in fighting these scam calls. The Telecom Department has blocked 20 lakh mobile numbers related to cybercrime.

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