Treat from insect bites to boils with tea leaves

Health Tips

Instead of throwing away used tea leaves, you can reuse them in many ways. For example, as a fertilizer in the treatment of canker sores and also in the treatment of sunburn. So let's know about some such benefits today.

A sip of tea early in the morning is planted in almost every house. In many homes, tea is drunk not only in the morning, even after eating in the evening and afternoon, but today we will not talk about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea here, but about the tea leaves used in it. After being made it is thrown away. But do you know that you can also use this tea leaf in many types of treatment? If you do not know, then today we will talk about this here.

On insect bite

Tea leaves have medicinal properties. If there are blisters on the skin or small granules emerge on the bite of the worm, then put used tea leaves or tea bags there. Due to which the swelling will be reduced and the infection will not spread.

Effective in boils

Many times boils occur in such a very painful place, so treat them soon with a used teabag. By applying it on the boil, its water drains easily and it starts drying slowly. 

Canker sores treatment

Canker sores can also be cured with used tea bags, just for this, apply the tea bags on the wound after deep freezing. You will get a lot of relief.

Relaxing in the sunburn

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) found in green tea is an element that acts as sunscreen. Which protects from UV radiation. So put a wet tea bag on the place where the sunburn has occurred and leave it for a while.

To stop the bleeding

Many times the bleeding does not stop due to injury, in such a situation, I do not understand what to do, then try the tea leaves used for this. The tannins present in it coagulate the blood, which stops bleeding.