Travel tips: You will forget all your road trips just once go on this unique and very beautiful road!


All of you must have taken a road trip sometime or the other and we all know that some journeys are such that they cannot be called less beautiful than the destination and even some journeys stay in our memories forever.

So today we are going to tell about one such road trip of ours which is about the wonderful journey from Sonamarg in Kashmir to Kargil War Memorial in Ladakh, so let us tell you about our journey….

It would not be wrong to call this journey the most beautiful journey of all our journeys so far. In the middle of the journey, we also had to pass through one of the most dangerous passes in the world- Zojila Pass which is truly an amazing experience for adventure lovers like us.

Also, what to say about the feeling of patriotism that runs through your heart after reaching the Kargil War Memorial at the destination after a wonderful journey..!

Also, we could hardly see any tourist vehicles on the road because it was not the peak season for tourists, but during the entire journey, we were getting trucks of our army personnel deployed in national security, which is pleasant in itself. It was an experience.

After about half an hour's journey, we reached a place called Baltal which is an important place for Amarnath pilgrims. From here, the views of both sides of the road also started to look more unique and beautiful.

After walking some more distance from Baltal, we found the condition of the road getting worse and we realized that Zojila Pass, one of the most dangerous roads, was not far away.

After some time we reached Zojila Pass where some people are constantly working to repair this road, but the geographical condition of this place is such that due to landslides, etc. road construction here as well as keeping the road in good condition is almost impossible. Is impossible.

We could see very dangerous-looking hills on one side of the road and a very deep straight gorge on the other side. Also, the road condition is not good in many places and it was an amazing experience to drive to this place.

After crossing the Zojila pass, we reached the zero point in some time. According to the information found there, there is Kashmir on one side of Zero Point, Ladakh on one side, and POK on the other and that is why it is called Zero Point. This place is situated at an altitude of 11649 feet above sea level.

Kargil War Memorial from Zero Point


After stopping here for some time, we moved ahead and after some time reached Zojila War Memorial. Road construction work was going on at many places from zero point till here, due to which we also got some traffic jam. Till this place, you may find the road condition a bit bad.

After walking some distance from here, we started realizing very well why Ladakh is called so beautiful and why the views here are different and very beautiful.

There were sudden changes in the landscape which made our travel experience even more spectacular.
After some time we got a check post at the entry of Kargil where you have to give some basic details after which we entered Kargil.

Here we started hearing some bomb-like sounds, once we started thinking but later on asking an army man, we came to know that these are the sounds of the practice being done by our army. These moments also settled in our memories forever.

Then we reached Drass, the second coldest inhabited place in the world, for which it is said that the minimum temperature here in the winter season goes from -30 to -50 degree Celsius.

After that, the views we saw on those routes were really beyond any of our imagination. Amazingly beautiful sandy mountains were visible in the distance and a very beautiful river flowed on one side, looking at all these views together, this drive seemed like the long drive of our dreams.

After about a 15-20 minutes drive from Drass, we reached Kargil War Memorial. There was enough space for parking so we parked the car after taking parking tickets and entering the memorial.


We got information there that the enemy Pakistani army was sitting on the peaks of the hills visible here and then our army, with its bravery and sacrifice, chased them back to Pakistan despite being under the mountains.

From here you can see all the peaks which were captured by the Pakistani soldiers during the Kargil war and then our jawans soon after defeating them badly and sending them back to Pakistan again took back all those mountain peaks.

There is also the War Memorial area, which is a tribute to every soldier who died in the war. A Pakistani bunker is also kept there which was captured by us during the war. We also got the opportunity to see the tanks, fighter planes, and guns used in the Kargil war.

Here you also get a chance to see the information related to the Kargil war through a 10-minute film which is made in a wonderful way.