Travel Tips: You will be surprised to see the beauty of Bhrigu Lake, this is why it is very famous.


Bhrigu Lake in Himachal Pradesh is also famous in the world due to its beauty. If you are planning to travel somewhere with your partner during the winter season, then definitely see this lake. This lake of Himachal Pradesh has a very special religious significance in Hindu religion.

The route to this lake passes through grasslands, which are also called Bhrigu Lake Meadows. The most special thing about this lake is that even during the winter season this lake never freezes completely. Nehru Kund, formed from the water of Bhrigu Lake, is also a center of tourist attraction here. You will like the natural beauty here very much. 

Tourists like trekking to Bhrigu Lake. The entire trek to Bhrigu Lake takes approximately 4 days. During trekking, tourists will get a chance to see spectacular views of deodar forests and mountains. You should make a plan to visit here with your wife today itself. 

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