Travel Tips: You can visit this beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh for just Rs 6 to 7 thousand, once you visit you will not feel like coming back!


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Himachal Pradesh remains a favourite travel destination for tourists, there are many places to visit here. The state warmly welcomes all types of travellers, be they nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts or history lovers. Although there are many places to visit, if you want peace then head to the villages. Many small villages in Himachal Pradesh may lack urban amenities, but staying in a homestay, tasting local cuisine and experiencing rural life can be a unique and memorable experience.

Rakcham Village:

Rakcham is one such beautiful and peaceful village located in Kinnaur district. It is an ideal place to plan your summer holidays. Situated at an altitude of about 10,000 feet above sea level, this village is very beautiful and offers breathtaking views. Surrounded by tall pine trees, snow-clad mountains and vast green meadows, the Baspa River enhances the beauty of the village, making it look even more beautiful.


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You can enjoy various activities in Rakham, whether you visit during winter or summer. Although summer is the best option. You can try adventures like trekking, and hiking.

Places to visit nearby:

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the banks of the river Baspa, Rakcham also offers other attractions. There are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. If you have time, you can also plan to visit Chitkul.


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How to reach Rakcham village:

To see this beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh, you have to first reach Shimla. Buses are easily available from Shimla. From Shimla then one has to travel to Sangla. The distance of the village from Sangla is just 15 kilometres. By the way, Rakcham village is not very far from Kinnaur.