Travel Tips: You can visit these 5 beautiful countries without a visa, one of them is India's beautiful neighbor


You should also include countries without visas in your travel list so that whenever you get time, you can visit here once.

Travel Without Visa

India is a very beautiful country and here you can travel comfortably anytime and anywhere. But, if you are looking to travel outside India, there are some countries where you can go with just your passport and do not even need a travel visa. The special thing is that here you will also meet some of your own people and without spending much money you can also enjoy a pleasant holiday here. So, come, let us know today about 5 such countries where you can travel without visa. 

You can visit these 5 beautiful countries without visa- Countries To Travel Without Visa From India

  • Bhutan

Bhutan is the most beautiful neighboring country of India. You can reach here by air or road. This country situated in the Himalayan mountain range is known for Buddhism. You can go trekking and enjoy the natural beauty here. Here you can visit many places like Tiger Nest, Dochula Pass, Ha Valley and Punakha Jong. Also, you can visit many types of Buddhist monasteries here.

  • Mauritius 

People go to Mauritius to enjoy water sports. In this country you will also find many Indians like UP Bihar like many people speaking Bhojpuri. There are steep hills by the sea and the waves of the sea colliding with them, which you can go to enjoy. 

  • Indonesia

If you have passport then you can go to Indonesia without tourist visa. Here you can go to Bali and then enjoy the blue sea, marine life and volcanic mountains. You can also visit Papua Island and Jakarta. 

  • Fiji

If you are planning to visit any island then you should go to Fiji. Actually, here you will find very lovely villages. Here you will also find Hindi speaking people. In Fiji, you can visit Suva Garden of Sleeping Giant, Forest Park and Fiji Museum. Here you can spend 3 days for just 1 lakh. 

  • Seychelles

If you have a desire to travel and live in Africa and islands, then you should go to Seychelles. Here you can spend your beautiful time on many beautiful islands like Mahe and Praslin Island. So, if you want to travel outside India then you can visit these places.