Travel Tips: You can visit Shirdi for only Rs 5000, this tour package of IRCTC is the best!


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Sai Baba Temple of Shirdi is popular not only in the country but also in foreign countries. Every year lakhs of people visit this holy place. Many people do not plan their trips in advance. To serve such visitors, IRCTC has introduced a special package for Shirdi that offers various amenities. If you are planning a similar trip during the holidays, then IRCTC has an attractive package for you.

IRCTC has launched a new package for visitors to Shirdi at an affordable price. This package lasts for about three days and is priced between Rs 4590 to Rs 9490. The train of this package runs every Tuesday. The journey starts on April 29 and the train starts from Vijayawada. You can catch the train from stations like Khammam, Warangal and Secunderabad. The first day of the journey starts from Vijayawada Railway Station and on the second day Shirdi Express train reaches Nagarsol at 06:15 am. From there you can go to Shirdi. After a night stay in Shirdi, you will reach Shani Shingnapur on the morning of the third day and return back on the fourth day.


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Sai Shivam Package

Similarly, there is the Sai Shivam Package, which is a three-night and four-day package. It includes a visit to Shirdi, Nashik and Trimbakeshwar with accommodation for two nights. Additionally, if you want to visit only Shirdi and Shani Sighnapur, you can opt for the Sai Sanidhi X-Tirupati package. This package also includes a night stay. You can also travel with the Chennai-Shirdi package, which also offers a one-night stay and is available every Wednesday.


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This package is for approximately two nights and three days. This Shani offers visits to Sighnapur, Grishneshwar, Ajanta and Ellora as well as a chance to see Sai Baba. This package is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For more information about all these packages, you can visit the official website of IRCTC