Travel Tips: You can visit Istanbul at a very low cost, there will be no burden on your pocket!


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In many Indian films, watching actors perform romantic and action scenes in foreign locations excites the audience. They fall in love with these beautiful scenes and start dreaming of seeing these mesmerizing sights. However, when it comes to how to reach these places, many people remain unsure. Movies like "Race 2," "Ek Tha Tiger" and "Mission Istanbul" have been shot in the magnificent city of Istanbul in Turkey. Even on platforms like Google and social media, breathtaking views of Istanbul are often shared. Seeing these scenes and views anyone can be inspired to go here. If you too have started dreaming of going to Istanbul after seeing these sights, So you will find a comprehensive guide to Istanbul travel here. It provides detailed information on how to easily reach Istanbul on a low budget and visit its famous tourist attractions.

Tourist attractions in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you can visit places like Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower and many beautiful cafes. Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles both Europe and Asia. You can enjoy the Bosporus cruise ride here. The city boasts stunning architectural marvels, ancient ruins, palaces, and world-famous mosques, which make it a must-see attraction. Inside the Grand Bazaar, you can find bars and small shops that are worth visiting.


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Cost of travel to Istanbul

If you think international travel is expensive, you are wrong. With the right planning, you can explore exotic destinations within your budget. Istanbul tour for 4-5 days starts from INR 53,000 onwards. You can also book tour packages to visit Istanbul and its surroundings, making traveling abroad affordable and convenient.


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Accommodation in istanbul

In Istanbul, you will find a range of accommodations from budget to luxury hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and even flats. Good restaurant and street food options are available for your convenience.

Getting a Visa to Istanbul

Remember to do your research before traveling to another country. A visa and necessary documentation are required to cross the border. Familiarize yourself with Turkey's visa policies and apply online accordingly. Check the Turkey Visa Information website for rules, fees, and how to obtain your visa based on your entry requirements.