Travel Tips: You can make pizza sandwich using this method, use these things!


Today we are going to tell you the method of making pizza sandwich at home. Its taste will win your heart. This will make the weekend special for children. It is very easy to create it. Many things can be used to make it.

Required ingredients:

four bread slices, eight teaspoons pizza sauce, eight slices tomatoes, ten olives, four slices jalapeno, a few slices of onion, half teaspoon chili flakes and mixed herbs, a little grated cheese and two teaspoons butter.

Prepare it in this way:

First of all apply pizza sauce on the bread.

Now place slices of tomato, onion, olive, jalapeno on the bread and spread cheese, chili flakes and mixed herbs on it.

On the other hand, apply butter on the other bread slice and cook it well from both sides.

-In this way your pizza becomes a sandwich.

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