Travel Tips: You can also visit these beautiful places during the rainy season


The rainy season is wonderful to visit anyway. Seeing the natural beauty in this season, not only does your mind become happy, but your heart also becomes happy. In such a situation, if you too are planning to go for a walk in this season, then you can go for a walk. 

This time, you can go to the country's most favorite tourist destination Mount Abu to visit this season. This place is no less than a paradise in the rains. In the rainy season, you will be left staring at the beauty of this place. This season is considered the best to visit here.

Along with this, you can also go to Munnar in Kerala to roam and see the place surrounded by natural beauty. This is the perfect place to visit in monsoon. The tea gardens here will give you a unique experience, while houseboats and other places will make traveling fun.

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