Travel Tips: You can also go with family to visit these beautiful places


You are also planning to travel and you want to travel with your family or friends, so today we are telling you about such places where you will be happy to travel and your mind will also be away from there. Will not do to come back. So this time you also visit these places.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

If you are fond of wildlife and love wildlife then you can visit Kaziranga National Park. This is a perfect place. Here you will find many types of wildlife. Also, this place is considered special for one horned rhinoceros. In this case you can go here.


Chola Temple, Tamil Nadu

Along with this you can also go to Tamil Nadu for sightseeing. Here the Chola temple built by the kings of the Chola Empire is worth seeing. The famous Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur, the Brihadisvara Temple at Gangaikondacholiswaram and the Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram, spread across South India, still attract visitors.