Travel Tips: You can also go to Vrindavan in this pleasant weather


If you are also planning to go for a trip in this pleasant season, then you should not delay. The reason for this is that the month of Sawan is ending today and now the rain will also reduce gradually. In such a situation, even before the rain subsides, you can visit these places in this season.


If you are going to Vrindavan for sightseeing in this season, then you can go to ISKCON temple this time. You will definitely like this place. Please tell that the ISKCON temple of Vrindavan is also very famous and worth seeing. This temple is also known as Krishna Balaram Temple.


Nidhivan Temple

Apart from this, you can also visit Nidhivan Temple here. By the way, this temple is one of the most mysterious temples in India. Please tell that after the evening aarti here people and priests go to their homes. It is told that even now, Shri Krishna comes here every night to perform Raas Leela with his gopis.