Travel Tips: You can also go to visit these beautiful places in Tamil Nadu during the coming holidays in August


You have also completed the preparations to go for a trip and can be said in the coming holidays on Raksha Bandhan. You are a little worried about this matter, so today we are telling you where you can be. In such a situation, today we are telling you about such a beautiful place where you can go. 

Guna Caves 

This time you go to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu to roam. This is where the Guna Caves are present. It is as beautiful as it is amazing. The caves here have many stories to tell and the branches of the Shola tree add to the beauty of these caves. The tourists who see them keep on watching.



With this you can go to Ooty to roam about it. This is a very wonderful place which you are going to like too. This is a very beautiful place in Tamil Nadu. where you can roam,,