Travel Tips: You can also go to these places to visit in this rainy season


If you are also planning to go for a trip in this rainy season, then you should not delay. Because the weather is very good due to rain and everyone wants to travel. In such a situation, you should not be late either. So today we are telling where you can be.

Khyana Caves: 

This time you can visit a place named Gokarna in Kannada, Karnataka. Here Khyana Caves is a place. This place is quite famous and is situated in the lap of nature. In such a situation, if you travel here, you will be happy. The beauty here is worth seeing.



Along with this, you can also go to Ooty to visit this place. This is a very wonderful place where you will find not only national but also foreign tourists roaming around. This is a very beautiful place in Tamil Nadu.

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