Travel Tips: You can also go to these places on weekends, you will like beauty


If you also live near Delhi and you are planning to visit on the weekend, then this can be the best place for you. This is because Delhi is close to Gurgaon and here you can find many good places to visit, so here we are telling you where you can go in Gurgaon.


Shikhar Adventure Park

You can go to Shikhar Adventure Park for a weekend getaway with your family or friends near Gurugram. This is a very nice place. People come here from nearby as well as people from 100 to 200 kilometers away also reach here. Its total distance from Gurugram is 12 km. You will definitely like the wall climbing and team building activity here. 


Along with Tikli Bottom

You can also go to Tikli Bottom for sightseeing. Tikli Bottom is a very beautiful place, 18 km from Gurugram. Tikli Bottom is a beautiful Lutyens-style havelis where you can spend your holidays with friends and family. By reaching here you will like the royal style.