Travel Tips: You can also go here with friends on weekends, enjoy fiercely


Every woman and girl has the desire to party with her friends from family, go for a walk and enjoy life. In such a situation, today we are telling you that the women and girls who want to party with their friends can be called there. If you go to this place on weekends, it will be even more fun.

Match Box Club

If you want to go alone or with your gang, then you can go to Match Box Club located in Hauz Khas Village. This is a restro pub and lounge. Here you will get a good atmosphere and you do not have to worry about anything. Here you can enjoy comfortably. On Sundays, the menu is set according to the preferences of the ladies.


Summer House Cafe

Apart from this, if you want to go to another place, then you are the best for Ladies Night, Summer House Cafe, built above Aurobindo Market in Hauz Khas. You will find many varieties of Lebanese, Italian, and American dishes in the cafe. You can go here with your friends and enjoy.