Travel Tips: Which country is visited most by Indian tourists? How much does it cost, know here!


Perfect time for the festive season, holidays and travel. The next 2-3 months are going to be like this. During holidays, many people go to visit different states of the country. Apart from this, some people also go abroad. Meanwhile, there are countries abroad where Indians love to visit.

Thailand: This country is at the top among other countries in terms of tourism for Indian citizens. It is famous for over 40,000 temples, beaches, Thai massage, shopping and islands. Major cities here include Pattaya and Bangkok. Bangkok tour can be done for 15-20 thousand rupees.

Indonesia- Here Indians go to Bali. It is also famous for its beach. Like Thailand, this country also has many beautiful temples. Bali's nightlife is also very colourful. A trip to Bali may cost you around Rs 70,000.


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Singapore - This country is famous for its beautiful buildings, hotels and casinos. Here you Indian tourists can go to visit Chinatown. You can visit Singapore Flyer, Botanic Garden, Sentosa Island, Orchard Road etc. You may have to spend 60-70 thousand rupees by going here.

Malaysia- Malaysia is cheaper for Indian tourists as compared to other countries. You can travel here for Rs 25,000. Here you can enjoy the rainforest, Petronas Towers, beaches and nightlife of Kuala Lumpur.


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United Kingdom - The fifth name in this list is of United Kingdom. Britain is famous for its old buildings and museums. After seeing the beauty of Edinburgh city of Britain, you can also decide to live there. The old cities and villages here are very beautiful. To go to London you will have to spend about one lakh rupees.