Travel Tips: What is the difference between Hotel, Motel, Restaurant, Canteen, Resort, Dhaba..? You also know..!


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Whenever it comes to eating out, the first question that comes to mind is which hotel to go to. But many people remain confused about hotels and restaurants as to what is the difference between the two. Many people have suffered due to this confusion. This problem occurs many times when one goes out of town for tourism. Sometimes even the owner does not differentiate between a hotel and a restaurant. So today we are going to tell the difference between hotels, motels, Restaurants, Canteen, resorts, and Dhaba.


First of all, we will know about the restaurant. Places where only food is available or where food parcels are also available. That place is called the restaurant.


Generally, we call a restaurant a hotel. But the place where accommodation is provided is called a hotel. The hotel has all kinds of facilities for your stay. From TV to room service. Hotels are classified according to the more and better facilities they have. These hotels are two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star, and seven-star.


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is actually a combination of the words motor and hotel. This concept can be seen on the highway. A motel is a place on a highway for the comfort of motorists during long journeys by road. That is, a place to rest for you and your car... Motels are especially common in the country. Only accommodation is available at this place.


A resort is a place that has a beautiful location, spacious accommodations, recreational facilities, and luxury facilities like a swimming pool, gym, and spa. It is a place worth visiting on weekends or for a two-three daybreak.


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Dhaba is a cheap place for truck drivers to eat, drink and even sleep on the highway. It is a local language known by the word Dhaba or Dhaba. The fun of eating while sitting on the bed is something else. A large number of such dhabas are seen on the way to Punjab. Punjabi Dhabas have also been featured in many films. There are countless Dhabas in India. These dhabas are open round the clock. Even on the night journey, the buses stop at dhabas for the passengers to refresh themselves and eat.