Travel Tips: Visit these places, where very few people can reach, you will be amazed to see the beauty


The month of March has started and summer has started with it. In such a situation, there will be a beginning in every house whether planning for a trip should be done or whether to go for a trip. In such a situation, today we are telling you that you can be asked to go for a walk.


This time you can plan to visit Binsar in Uttarakhand. Binsar is such a place hidden in the mountains that you will like as soon as you see it. Binsar is also known as the last stronghold of the Kumaon region. There is so much space here with Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and Kasar Devi Temple that you will be happy to see.



Along with this, you can also visit Munsiyari, one of the most beautiful places to visit. This place is also in Uttarakhand. Here you can enjoy most of the thrilling trekking trails and adventure sports. Here green hills, pristine views, and nature will win your heart.