Travel Tips: Visit these places in the month of March, you will never forget


The month of March has started and with that those days have started in which most people make up their minds to travel or you can say that they make plans. In such a situation, if your plan is also being made, then you can tell where you can go on this journey.


Let us tell you that if you are planning to travel, then you should start from Cherrapunji. It receives the highest rainfall in the world. If you go to visit here, then definitely see Nohkalkai waterfall. It is called the highest waterfall in India.



Along with this, you can go to Munnar which is famous for its greenery across the country. Here you will find lush green mountains and tea plantations. It is a very good place for a honeymoon to a family trip. If you come here, you must visit Echo Point, Ervikulam National Park.