Travel Tips: Travel to Kerala cheaply through this tour package of IRCTC!


If you are planning to visit Kerala next month then this is good news for you. The news is that IRCTC has now introduced a very wonderful tour package to visit Kerala. You can see the natural beauty of Kerala very cheaply through this package.

Here you will find many beautiful lakes. Under this tour package of IRCTC, you will get the benefit of many great facilities. This package has been named CELESTIAL KERALA EX MUMBAI. This tour package of 5 nights and 6 days of IRCTC will start from March 5, 2023.


In this you will get a chance to travel by air. Under this package you will be able to travel to Kerala for only Rs 39,600. You have to book your ticket with only three people. Whereas traveling alone will cost you Rs 56,000. If traveling with two people, a fee of Rs 41,800 will have to be paid per person.

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