Travel Tips: Those places of Jharkhand which fail Uttarakhand, make a plan to visit!



We all want to visit Jammu and Kashmir at least once in our lives. The beauty of the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir can be seen in Jharkhand. There are many places here where you feel as if you are in the valleys of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Jharkhand is located in the north-eastern part of India. You can plan to visit these places in Jharkhand in your next vacation.


Ranchi is not only the capital of Jharkhand but also the third most important city here. Not only Udaipur, Ranchi is also called the 'city of lakes'. Along with tall buildings, the city is full of greenery. There is no dearth of places to visit here. Famous tourist places here include Gonda Hill, Rock Garden, Birsa Biological Park, Tagore Hill, Mac Kaluskiganj and Tribal Museum. Along with this, there are also waterfalls here. Where you can sit comfortably and spend quality time. Panch Ghaghri is the most beautiful waterfall here. When this waterfall falls by combining five streams, it looks like a magnificent piece of art.


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Hazaribagh is also included among the places worth visiting in Jharkhand. Hazaribagh means a thousand gardens. Here you can see Hazaribagh Lake, Canary Hill, Wildlife Sanctuary, Suryakund, Ichaak and many other places. Hazaribagh also has lush green hills, which remind us of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. There is also a lake around which there are many hills and picnic spots have been built around it. Tourists can enjoy picnics here along with beautiful views.


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Netarhat is the most beautiful place in Jharkhand, which is very much liked by those who like natural beauty. There is no dearth of places to visit in Netarhat. Here you can also see waterfalls. You can also get a wonderful view of sunrise and sunset from the waterfall. Be sure to see Ghaghri Waterfall and Koel River in Netarhat. The road to reach Netarhat is also very beautiful.