Travel Tips: This valley of Kashmir was once under the control of terrorists, but now it has become the first choice of visitors!


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You might be well aware that Kashmir is often called heaven on earth, with its beautiful valleys and snow-capped mountains in every direction. Nestled amidst serene valleys and grasslands, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is truly a special place in India. Although there are many places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir, today we will introduce you to a destination that has a unique charm and is gaining popularity among tourists.

We are talking about Gurez Valley of Jammu and Kashmir, which is considered to be one of the best offbeat tourist places in the country. It was once a stronghold of terrorists, but today it is a favorite destination for tourists more than ever.

Harmukh Peak:

Harmukh Mountain, also known as Mount Harmukh, is a spectacular destination worth visiting. Located in Ganderbal district of Kashmir, this mountain is situated at an altitude of 16,870 feet. It is situated between the Kishanganga (Neelam) River and Nala Sindh. The view of the snow-clad peaks surrounded by the beautiful Kashmir valley and the majestic Karakoram mountain range in the background makes this place even more enchanting.

Tulail Valley:

Stunning valleys, towering rocks, flowing rivers, and high mountains make Tulail Valley like the Switzerland of India. The untouched beauty of this valley will astound you, and the sound of fast-flowing rivers amidst the natural beauty will soothe your senses. The natives here are mainly engaged in fishing, and the sound of the fast-flowing rivers adds to the tranquility of the place.

Dawar Village:

Situated near Bandipora district, Dawar is a unique village situated amidst deep valleys. This lesser-known village allows you to experience rural life and stay in wooden houses. Enjoying the bonfire on the banks of the river with the melodious sound of flowing rivers in the evening further adds to the charm of Dawar.


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Razdan Pass:

Razdan Pass or Pass is a high mountain pass at an altitude of 11,672 feet. The treacherous and winding roads leading to this pass have earned it a reputation as one of the scariest roads in India. However, the snowy peaks and winding roads between deep valleys make this pass a thrilling and adventurous destination for travelers.

Gurez Valley:

The stunning beauty of Gurez Valley provides an unforgettable experience throughout your life. In the past, it was a route for terrorist infiltration, and the area was known for frequent bombings. However, the government has tightened security, making it a safe place for tourists. Today, it has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers, and last year alone, the Gurez Valley welcomed approximately 400,000 tourists.


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How to Reach Gurez Valley:

To see the beauty of Gurez Valley you can reach the nearest airport and railway station as follows:

Nearest Major City: Bandipora

Nearest Airport: Srinagar International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Srinagar Railway Station

Distance from Bandipora: 86 Kms

Gurez Valley is a place that offers a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty, adventure, and peace, which Makes it increasingly popular among tourists.