Travel Tips: This place is India's 'mini Thailand', your mind will get lost in the beauty of nature!


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Thailand is a very popular destination among Indian tourists. Thailand offers a wide range of experiences from food to adventure and beautiful places. This is the reason why many people go to Thailand for holidays. It is also a favorite honeymoon destination for couples. However, not everyone can travel to Thailand due to budget constraints. We will tell you about a place in India that competes with the beauty of Thailand, which is often called 'Mini Thailand'.

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its natural beauty, lush greenery, and stunning landscapes. If you want to spend quality time amidst nature, then Himachal Pradesh is the right place for you. To spend holidays, there are many places to visit in Himachal, and one of them is Jibhi. Located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Jibhi is often called 'Mini Thailand'.

Jibhi: Where Beauty Rivals Thailand

Jibbi is one such place that will remind you of the serene islands of Thailand. Here a river flows between two large boulders, creating a landscape similar to Thailand. These two big rocks or rock blocks are the main attraction here.


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Beautiful Waterfall in Jibhi

Jibhi also has a beautiful waterfall which is rare for many people. This waterfall is hidden amidst dense forests and very few people have seen its beauty. The sound of falling water from here is no less than melodious music. If you want to feel close to nature, then this place is a must-visit and the picturesque views of 'Mini Thailand' are enough to captivate your heart.


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Plan a trip with family, partner, or friends

Apart from dense deodar trees, deodar lakes, and ancient temples, Jiji is also famous for being a great place for families, couples, and friends. You can also plan a solo trip here. Jibhi is easily accessible by train, plane, and private taxis, making it a convenient destination for travelers.