Travel Tips: This beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh is no less than heaven, make a plan to visit!


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Kinnaur Valley is situated amidst the beautiful Himalayan mountains. You will be surprised to see the beauty here. The culture and spiritual atmosphere here will fascinate you. Kinnaur is one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh where you can see mountains, snow-capped peaks, trees and hilly forests. If you are also planning to go there, then you should have information about how to get there and which places to see. So let us know about this in detail.

Mid-April to June is considered a very good time to visit Kinnaur. You can also visit Kinnaur between September to October. To reach Kinnaur, you can go to Shimla or Chandigarh by air and then from there you can reach the valley by bus or car.

Many facilities will be available:

In Kinnaur, you can stay in a homestay, guesthouse or luxury hotel. But to go to Kinnaur, non-Himachais need to obtain an Inner Line Permit. Going to Kinnaur is very adventurous. The gentle breeze, small clean villages and waterfalls in the valley between the mountains are enough to fascinate you. Sitting peacefully on the banks of river Sutlej in Kinnaur is like meditating.


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Enjoy Trekking:

There are many small villages in Kinnaur and each village is different from the other. You can visit Kamru Fort in Kinnaur, which has many Buddhist monasteries. Kinnaur is a good place for trekking lovers. Here you can trek the very beautiful Rupin Pass. You can also enjoy the beauty of nature here.


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Enjoy food:

You must try local food in Kinnaur. Here you can see the influence of Tibet on the food. You can enjoy steamed buns (siddu), noodle soup (thukpa), and mutton curry (chha gosht) here. Don't forget to pluck fruits like apples, apricots and plums from the trees here.