Travel Tips: These special places are present around Delhi for people who love to travel


If you are fond of traveling, then surely you will stay at homeless or you must have made a plan to visit after some time. It is generally seen that people go to visit not only in the country but also in special places of foreign countries. At the same time, if we talk about India, then people go from hill stations to new places to see Indian history very closely. But if you are asked how much you have traveled around Delhi, then you will say that which are the best places to visit around Delhi? But let us tell you that there are so many beautiful places to visit around Delhi, which can be quite close as well as budget. So if you want, once you can visit these places around Delhi, about which we are going to tell you. So let's know about these places, where you can plan to visit with your friends or family.


Chaukhi Tani
If you have not been to Rajasthan, then you can go to Chaukhi Tani and experience exactly the same as you would get in Rajasthan. This place is located just half an hour away from the border of Delhi and Haryana. Here you can taste Rajasthani food and also you can do puppet dance, Rajasthani dance, and camel ride here.

Tigar Lake
If you want to sit by the lake, have a picnic by the lake, etc. So you can visit Tilyar Lake, which is located in Rohtak. People come here with their family and friends. Here you can enjoy boating as well as spending moments of peace.


Pratapgarh Farms
The distance of Pratapgarh Farms from Delhi is approx 58 Kms. By going here you will get an experience like you are in the village. Here you can enjoy horse and camel rides as well as enjoy painting and pot making.

Okhla Bird Century
If you are a nature lover, then Okhla Bird Sanctuary is waiting for you located on the Delhi and Noida border. Here you will find many species of birds and you can also spend moments of relaxation here. A large number of people from far and wide come to visit here.