Travel tips: These 5 places in India are very special for river rafting


Many people also like to do adventure while roaming around, in these adventure activities, water sports or river rafting craze is very high. River rafting is becoming very popular in today's time. River rafting is one such sport that fills your heart with thrill.

Generally, people remember Rishikesh after hearing the name of river rafting, but there are many good places to do river rafting in India. In such a situation, today we will tell you about those places where you can have a memorable experience of river rafting –

Teesta River is one of the famous rivers of Sikkim and this place is very special for river rafting. Rafting in this river is a different experience. The valleys here will mesmerize you while rafting.

The fun of rafting with the high waves of this river, you will not find anywhere else. Rafting in Teesta River is done only from October to April.

Here you will get to see the utmost peace during rafting, and you will get lost in the beauty of the mountains. Here you can go rafting in March and July in a year.



If you want to experience rafting in South India, then Coorg's Barpole river can be the best choice for you, rafting here will be very exciting for you.



The Indus River of Ladakh is very special for river rafting. Indus is the longest river in Asia. River rafting here amidst the snow-capped peaks and beautiful mountains can be quite memorable for you. The natural beauty here will fascinate you.