Travel Tips: There is no traffic signal in this unique country, yet there is no jam on the roads, know why!


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Every country in the world uses traffic signals for smooth traffic management. Traffic lights make the movement of vehicles more orderly, allowing vehicles from all directions to move without any hassle. However, what if we tell you that there is a country where traffic signals are non-existent, and yet, traffic moves smoothly without jams or accidents?

Yes, Bhutan is a country where you will not find a single traffic signal and there is no problem of traffic jams due to lack of signal.

Low number of vehicles:

Bhutan, a beautiful country situated in the lap of the Himalayas and a neighboring country of India, has less number of industries and vehicles. As a result, carbon emissions are reduced significantly. In fact, Bhutan produces more oxygen than it produces carbon dioxide.

No Traffic Lights:

One fascinating aspect of Bhutan is the absence of traffic lights. There is not a single traffic signal installed anywhere in the country. Many factors contribute to this unique situation. First, Bhutan limits the number of vehicles on its roads to promote environmental protection. Secondly, the road network in Bhutan is designed in such a way that the need for traffic signals is eliminated.


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Jam-free roads:

In Bhutan, the road network is brilliantly designed, allowing you to navigate intersections without stopping. Roads are designed to naturally encourage smooth traffic flow without the need for traffic lights.

Sharing the roads with animals:

Bhutan is known for co-existence between humans and animals. You can easily see animals like cows, buffaloes, and goats roaming leisurely on the streets. This also contributes to the relatively slow speed of vehicles, as drivers are alert to the presence of animals on the roads.


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Traffic Police Presence:

To ensure road safety and adherence to traffic rules, there is a significant presence of traffic police officers at major intersections and highways in Bhutan. Their presence helps maintain discipline and ensures that traffic flows smoothly.