Travel Tips: Such beautiful and adventurous bridges of India, which people come from all over the country and abroad to see!



Adventure doesn't just mean skydiving, skiing or paragliding; It can be anything that gives you a feeling of thrill or excitement. If you are fond of travelling, your list would be filled with countless places, but have you included those bridges of India that amaze not only Indians but also foreign tourists? Yes, there are many such bridges in India which are not only beautiful but are also a marvel of engineering. Let us know about some of these bridges:

Pamban Bridge, Tamil Nadu:

The Pamban Bridge in Tamil Nadu is truly extraordinary to see. It is India's first sea bridge, inaugurated in 1914. Crossing this bridge spanning the sea is an adventurous experience. Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge connecting Rameshwaram to Pamban Island. This bridge with about 145 pillars is a wonderful example of engineering. Plan a road trip to see this marvel.


pc: Wikipedia

Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya:

Nature itself has created the Living Root Bridge of Meghalaya made of tree roots. The Living Root Bridge gets its name because it is constructed using the roots of trees, creating a unique and strong structure. Although it may take quite a long journey to reach the bridge, it is worth the effort. This bridge over the Umshiang River is a double-deck structure. There are many such bridges in Meghalaya.


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Glass Skywalk, Sikkim:

Those looking for a little more adventure should head to Sikkim. Here, you will find the Glass Skywalk – a breathtaking experience. A similar glass bridge is also present in Rajgir, Bihar. Located in Pelling, Sikkim, this glass bridge is an awe-inspiring structure to walk on. Located opposite the Chenrezig Murals, the Glass Skywalk offers a spectacular view of the Chenrezig Murals, Teesta River and Rangit River. It stands at an impressive height of approximately 137 feet.