Travel tips: Reach here with your family to spend a relaxing moment in Noida, your day will be wonderful


If you are living in Noida and you want someplace where you can get relaxed, then we can help you. If you want to celebrate a relaxed weekend in Noida, then we can help you. We are telling you about such a park. Where you will get relaxed and you can enjoy the weekend with family here, you can go here with family.

Buddha International Circuit


This park in Noida is very special and Buddha International is the first and only international motor racing circuit in the country, you can make your day memorable here.

Botanical Garden

If you want to spend time in nature, then you can go to this garden, this place is very beautiful and you will get to see natural sights here, the beauty here will win your heart.

Okhla Bird Century

Okhla Garden in Noida is very special, you can see more than 30 thousand species of birds here, and you will get peace here.

Golf Course

This place is very special in Noida where you can enjoy playing golf, you also get restaurant, and bar here where you can roam.

Green Garden

green garden

This green garden present in Noida is very special and you can have a picnic here, you can enjoy the weekend with the family.