Travel Tips: Pulga village of Himachal Pradesh is very beautiful, seeing it will make your heart happy.


If you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh in the coming time, then Pulga village can prove to be a better option for you. This village is very famous for its natural beauty. Seeing the waterfalls and wooden bridges in this village situated between Tosh and Kasaul, you will feel as if you are looking at a picture.

The wooden houses here add to the beauty of nature. However, very few tourists know about this village. For this reason very few tourists are able to reach here. By going here you will feel a different kind of peace.


Adventure lovers will love this village of Himachal Pradesh. To reach here, tourists have to trek about 3 kilometers from Barshaini located near Kullu. You should make a plan to visit here with your partner today itself. The tour here will prove to be memorable for you.

PC: herzindagi

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