Travel Tips: Planning to visit Jim Corbett? Don't do these mistakes during safari!


If you are planning to go on safari on this vacation, then you can visit Jim Corbett near Nainital. It is famous all over the world for the jungle safari that takes place here. People come from all over the country to enjoy this safari. If you are also planning to visit here, then you need to know some things about the National Park, which will definitely be useful for you.

Don't miss these things in the National Park

Do not carry any kind of firearms in the Tiger Reserve. This is strictly prohibited.

Smoking and lighting any kind of fire are strictly prohibited in the Tiger Reserve.

Due to being a National Park, cooking is prohibited here. This is because animals are afraid of fire and the smell of food can bother them.


- Do not play any type of transistor or tape recorder during the safari.

- National parks have their own rules for driving vehicles. Don't honk here and overspeeding is also strictly prohibited. Also, driving inside the reserve is prohibited after sunset.

- Be careful of the zone as tourists are not allowed to enter the restricted zone.

-Yelling or teasing the animals or trying to feed anything is also prohibited. Attempting to do so will result in punishment.

Non-veg food is also strictly prohibited in this park.

Do not get out of the car after seeing the animal. Being around an animal can cause you trouble.