Travel Tips: Plan to visit these places during the three-day holidays falling on Holi!


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This time there is a three-day holiday on Holi, during which you can visit some great places. The Holi holiday is on 25th March, and before that, there is Saturday and Sunday. In such a situation, if you want, you can plan a mini trip of three days during this long holiday. Today we will tell you about those places that can make your mini trip memorable. Additionally, these places are less crowded and relatively budget-friendly.


March is a good month to visit Dharamshala. Summer begins at this time and the hilly areas are still cool. Dharamshala is only a 10-hour drive from Delhi. If you start this journey on Friday night i.e. 22nd March, you will have plenty of time to roam.


The last chance to see snowfall in Gulmarg is in March. If you want to enjoy the current winter then what could be a better place than Gulmarg in Kashmir? If you want to see snowfall for the first time, then this weekend is a golden opportunity for you. Here you can also enjoy a Gondola ride and skiing.


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Jim Corbett:

Jim Corbett is a great place where you can visit on a limited budget and limited time. If you live in Delhi-NCR then you can go here this weekend. People come here from far and wide to enjoy Jim Corbett's jungle safari.

Udaipur :

For those who want to spend this weekend in luxury, it will be difficult to find a better place than Udaipur. People from all over the country also come to Udaipur to spend holidays. Here people enjoy a bonfire after playing Holi with colors. Major attractions here include Jag Mandir, City Palace, and Lake Palace.


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The atmosphere of Tawang will always give you a romantic feeling and there can be no better month than March to understand its depth. This is a wonderful place in Arunachal Pradesh where even in March you will feel the cold like January. You will never feel tired after seeing the beautiful valleys here.