Travel Tips: Plan to visit these lakes with family, the views are very beautiful!


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There are many stunning lakes in India where you can relax and enjoy some quiet moments. Let us find out about some of the famous and picturesque lakes that are worth visiting:

Pichola Lake situated in Udaipur is very beautiful. Here, you can also find the Jag Mandir Temple, a popular tourist attraction known for its crystal-clear blue waters and panoramic sunset views.


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A visit to Dal Lake is highly recommended, where you will be mesmerized by its natural charm. Boating on Dal Lake provides a pleasurable experience.

Nainital Lake, situated in Nainital, is another great place for a peaceful holiday. The lake is extremely popular among tourists, offering the opportunity for a memorable boat ride with family or friends. When you are in Nainital be sure to visit Naini Lake.


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Sela Lake located in Tawang is surrounded by natural beauty which will mesmerize you. The surroundings of this lake are extremely attractive, making it a must-see place on your travel list.