Travel Tips: Places of 'Dragon' country China that you might not even know about


The history of the dragon country China is believed to be about 3000 years old. China, the largest country in Asia, is also very much discussed due to its secrets. Although only the Great Wall of China is famous all over the world, today we will tell about those places in China, about which not many people know. (Pic Credit: Unsplash)


Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan: The 71-meter-long Buddha statue is one of the favourite places of people in China. This place of Sichuan is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, Jiangsu: This place is considered one of the most important historical gardens in the world. This is the reason that this garden is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Pic Credit: Wikipedia)

The Terracotta Army, Xi'an: While digging wells on the outskirts of Xi'an in the 1970s, farmers discovered China's most important archaeological find: the Terracotta Army. Most people visit this place. (Pic Credit: Unsplash)


Imperial Palace, Beijing: The largest and most important building in China, the Forbidden City is also known as the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is located in the centre of Beijing. If you are going to visit China, then you must visit this place. (Pic Credit: Wikipedia)