Travel Tips: On the special occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, there is a different atmosphere in these temples, so make a plan to visit!


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Every year, Janmashtami, the festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, is celebrated with much pomp and show across the country. Janmashtami falls on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This year this festival will be celebrated on 6th and 7th September. The main focus during this festival is on the worship of Lord Krishna.

On this day, devotees wear new clothes and perform traditional worship of Lord Krishna. Houses are beautifully decorated and the Dahi Handi festival is celebrated in many places. In the Dahi Handi ritual, an earthen pot filled with butter, curd, and other dairy-based items is hung at a great height. Then people try to reach the pot and break it. The Dahi Handi festival draws huge crowds and is believed to be associated with the life of Lord Krishna.

If you want to enjoy the Dahi Handi festival this year, then you can visit these special places:

1. Banke Bihari Temple:

Located in Raman Reti of Vrindavan, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is one of the most famous temples of India. Every year a large number of devotees gather here on Janmashtami. You can see the grand Dahi Handi festival here.

2. Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi:

This temple is located in Udupi, Karnataka. It is famous not only in India but also internationally. The temple dates back to the 13th century and is known for its unique tradition of worshiping Lord Krishna through nine window openings. It is believed that it is related to celestial bodies. A grand Dahi Handi festival is celebrated here during Janmashtami.


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3. Guruvayoor Temple:

Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, this temple holds special significance because of Lord Krishna. It is one of the major pilgrimage centers of South India. You can visit here during Krishna Janmashtami.


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4. Ghatkopar, Mumbai:

Every year, a grand Dahi Handi festival is organized on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The participation of Bollywood celebrities is often seen in this event.