Travel Tips: Mini Thailand is situated at this place in India, you will go crazy after seeing the beauty!


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Thailand is a very popular destination among Indian tourists. Many people aspire to visit there because Thailand offers everything from food to adventure and beautiful places. Many couples choose Thailand for their honeymoon and it is also a favorite destination for married couples. However, due to various reasons including budget constraints, many people cannot visit Thailand. We will tell you about a place in India whose beauty is no less than Thailand. This place is also known as 'Mini Thailand' in India.

Mini Island:

Everyone knows how beautiful Himachal Pradesh is. The mountains and greenery here fascinate you. If you want to spend a good time amidst nature then you can come to Himachal Pradesh. There are many places to spend holidays in Himachal and one of them is Jibhi, where the 'Mini Island' is located. Jeebee is a place that reminds you of the islands of Thailand. Here a river flows between two big rocks, seeing which you will feel as if you are in Thailand.


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Sound of melodious music:

There is also a beautiful waterfall in Jibhi, which very few people would have seen. This waterfall is amidst dense forests. The sound of falling water here sounds like the sweet sound of music. If you want to feel nature closely then you can come here once, while the beautiful views of 'Mini Thailand' are enough to win your heart.


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How to reach here:

Jibhi is also famous for dense pine trees, pine lakes, and ancient temples, here you can come with family, partners, friends, or even plan a solo trip. To reach Jibhi, facilities like trains, airplanes, and private taxis are available.